Cross-border professional indemnity insurance: Opinion Statement of the CFE

17/09/2013 - IEC

“In the context of the European Commission´s current public consultation on professional indemnity insurance (PII), following up to the Communication COM(2012)261 of 8 June 2012 and further discussions, we would like to take the opportunity to comment on insurance issues as an obstacle for cross-border services.”


I- Overview: the PII situation for tax advisers in Europe
II- Should tax advisers be obliged to take out PII?
III- Should there be a uniform EU PII instrument?
IV- The way forward

Read the Opinion Statement PAC 3/2013 of the CFE on cross-border professional indemnity insurance 
Prepared by the CFE Professional Affairs Committee - Submitted to the European Commission in August 2013

Thématiques: Profession > International