Survey on the tax practice of the future

17/03/2016 - CFE

IEC-IAB and CFE, the European federation of tax advisers, would like to invite you to a survey on The tax practice of the future, with the support of Wolters Kluwer Europe.

The survey should not take you more than 10 minutes to complete, and focuses on the following subject areas:

  • What trends will have the most significant impact on tax advisers and the way they will work in the future?
  • How do tax advisers use digital technology and automation to better serve their clients and to interact with tax administrations?
  • Will tax advice become more interactive, more real-time, more cross-border?
  • Will there be more or fewer, more specialised or diversified firms?

This survey will be carried out in several countries across Europe. The outcomes will be made available by CFE and Wolters Kluwer. The results will enable you to see how your firm compares with others in matters such as services offered, client diversification and the use of IT. Your answers will also be beneficial to IEC-IAB and CFE to understand the main concerns of tax advisers in Belgium.

Note that the survey is completely anonymous and any conclusions and answers cannot be related to individual respondents or his/her firm.

To take part, please follow the survey links in Dutch and French. The closing date for the survey is 10 April 2016.

In advance we thank you for your time and commitment!

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