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The pensions ‘minefield’: a look at the latest developments and trends to address the complexity  Niet van toepassing 

The area of pensions is often perceived as a minefield. Its complexity stems from ongoing regulatory changes, unstable financial market conditions, as well as globalisation and an increasingly internationally mobile workforce.

Each of these aspects implies specific challenges, and in practice, we observe that clients encounter difficulty in finding trustworthy advice and information on which they can rely, something which we at Deloitte are capable of addressing.

During this webinar, our experts will provide an update on recent developments/trends observed in the market and relating to occupational pensions, including:

1.The harmonisation of the blue/white collar workers status: call for action

Employers should take the necessary actions to eliminate any differing treatment between blue and white collar workers in their occupational pension plans by 1 January 2025. The National Works Council recently published advice which sheds further light on a number of open issues relating to the unified status’s implementation. We will provide you with a status overview and practical examples which should allow you to identify the next steps for your organisation. 

2.Retirement planning to support end-of career structuring

Through practical examples, we will illustrate how retirement planning can serve as a powerful HR tool to structure the end of a career, while taking into account the internationally mobile workforce.  

3.Financial reporting of pension liabilities

A number of elements are involved in determining the cost of an occupational pension plan. Far too often, companies seem unaware of the financial impact of their pension plans over time. Moreover, companies may face pension liabilities, for which there is no common ground regarding their correct bookkeeping. In this part of the webinar, we aim to provide you with the basic principles in terms of financial reporting and will dig deeper into these principles’ applicability in the reporting of a company’s pension liabilities.

4.Business transformations 

In the event of business transformations, such as mergers and acquisitions, a regular question concerns the consequences and implications of the pension schemes transaction for employer and employee. This has become increasingly important over the last years, as pension rights have become one of the most popular benefits for employees. 

We will provide you with an overview of the impact and consequences on pension schemes, doing so per type of transaction (share deal vs. asset deal) and including several practical examples.

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