CFE FORUM 2014 – “Policies for a sustainable tax future” – 27 March 2014 – Brussels

30/01/2014 - IEC

Titled “BEPS: Better policies in the EU context?”, the first three panels of this one-day conference will forecast what EU tax systems will look like in the near future, after completion of the OECD BEPS project. Will BEPS challenge some of the fundamental principles of EU taxation? What will be the inevitable implications for companies operating in the EU and beyond in terms of competitiveness, compliance and responsibility? Speakers from the European Commission, as well as business and academics will discuss these questions together with the audience.

The last panel will deal with the EU Financial Transaction Tax. Speakers from the European Commission and from two countries that have not been supporting the proposal will discuss feasibility and expectations of this envisaged tax. Moreover, the last panel will provide an update on recent developments in VAT policy.

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